Our Story

  • the Rolling Brick truck side


The Rolling Brick opening is a dream come true. Our family has lived in Jerusalem and Wisconsin, merging Mediterranean fresh style cooking and local farm-to-table cuisine. We have discovered the perfect blend of flavors and freshness to offer the experience of home-cooked wood-fired pizza from a mobile location.

Our story all began on a warm summer evening at Joanna’s birthday party. Ruben had a surprise:a brick oven built from scratch which would facilitate pizza making for the party and fulfill our long-wished desire to make fresh and authentic homemade pizzas. Throughout the evening, guests marveled at the quality of the pizza and asked if we were willing to cater these pizzas at other parties. Although reluctant at first, those comments soon fueled our ambitions to open our own pizza business. Merely a couple days later, the recipe invention commenced and we began our research on establishing a our business. This is how The Rolling Brick began.

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